Grades 4-6

Welcome teachers! Get ready for STEM and an e-learning activity that introduce students to their EV future.

The activities below will help you integrate EVs into your lesson plans, raise awareness and help families learn about EV benefits. Click the link below for background information on EVs for an overview.

After students have completed the activities, please click on the teacher survey button. We appreciate your feedback.

Use the JotForm button above for your students to upload a drawing of their future EV. They can submit their drawing and be considered for publishing it to the website.

EV Road Tripping - an e-learning game

EVs and Electric Circuits

Electricity is the most common energy source  today and a power for EVs.  Make electrical circuits using household items in this STEM-rich activity.

Get Your EV Motor Running

Construct a simple DC motor and determine multiple energy transformations involving the most integral part of an EV (electric vehicle). This is a STEM-rich activity.

Take Charge of Charging

Research and role-play scenarios to challenge students to think critically about how power is supplied to electric vehicles. Students will present their findings on the impact of EV charging stations in their fictional town.